Comprehensive solutions designed to support, grow and properly manage the contracts and processes which support sales of your products into the federal marketplace.


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"First of all, please allow me a moment to thank you for inquiring about PROAIM, our capabilities, our people, our direction and our future; we are glad you are here.  As we all know, life can be a bit of an interesting journey which leads us from one opportunity to the next.  That said, the path we take may not always be a straight line.  This is certainly true for me, my family and the industry with which I've been involved with for more than 20 years.  One thing I've learned along the way, is that reputation, regardless of company letterhead, is the most important asset to anyone - it's who we are. I sincerely hope that you understand what sets PROAIM Medical apart from other industry names, is the way it's managed and the good people who support our mission of diligence, honesty and integrity every day, with everyone.  If you're a returning relationship or a vendor just interested to learn more about what PROAIM does, I welcome you, and I thank you."  -Josh  

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PROAIM's not your typical third-party sales organization.  PROAIM was designed strictly to assist medium-to-large medical device and equipment manufacturers WHO meet specific criteria, to better interpret the distribution of market-share, expand upon their existing book of business and excel in this unique space with as little, or as much, hands-on support as they feel is necessary.  Our solutions vary from a bare-bones approach to a fully integrated and turn-key experience where the entire process becomes a dedicated outsourced function.

PROAIM'S vast array of resources, like relationships with current and former high-level national, regional and local Procurement Representatives and consultants for the VA and DoD, legal representation from one of the largest and most well-respected firms in the industry, expertise in understanding all MEDICAL DEVICE Government contracts, PROVEN growth for our manufacturers which can be substantiated by industry leading companies and most of all, PROAIM's trustworthy, ethical and reliable track record and reputation among its key leadership.

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Joshua Stevenson
President & CEO, PROAIM
BIO: Joshua spearheaded the award-winning growth and success at one of the largesT, certified small and minority-owned, medsurg distributors in the country for more than 14 years.