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PROAIM was designed to provide dedicated, reliable and cost-effective solutions for medium-to-large medical device and equipment manufacturers.  
PROAIM Medical provides a host of turnkey solutions to help companies grow their existing book of Government business.
By ensuring a vast portfolio of Government contracts, certifications and reputation to properly accompany

a manufacturers product line, is of tremendous importance.
Interested in hearing how PROAIM does this?
Interested in learning how these solutions may come at no-cost to our Suppliers?

We'd like to hear from you.

- Are you a manufacturer of medical devices and/or equipment?  
- Do you currently, or have an interest in selling your products to the federal Government (VA/DoD, etc.) health system?
- Always have a variety of other so-called, 'third-parties,' tap-dancing due to a "public" Government Solicitation for your products?
- Concerned about the legal ramifications of maintaining your own direct Government sales and contracts?
- Are your National Accounts, Sales Leadership and Marketing resources heavily focused on larger pieces of commercial business?
- Does the Government procurement system seem confusing and risky?  Have you heard horror stories regarding audits, price-controls and FARs?
- Do you know which of your products need to be on contract and which don't?  Think all contracts are the same?
- Do you know what vehicles your competition is utilizing to drive Government sales?
- Are you aware of the contractual and socioeconomic purchasing hierarchy system the Government must follow?
- Do you want to explore what added-value you might be missing?